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My daughter stands by the historic Chocolate House near where the Spanish Palace was bombed during WWII. (photo by Christine Kohler, available through iStock/Getty Images)  

Author Jenny Carlisle is featuring NO SURRENDER SOLDIER (Simon & Schuster) on her new blog book tour. Only she's covering the novel from a different slant. Instead of interviewing me on process, Ms. Carlisle discusses the setting, including photos of Guam.




I got a surprise call last week from an old journalist-friend, John Archibald. John and I worked as reporters at the Pacific Daily News, a Gannett paper, covering the West Pacific. Presently, Mr. Archibald is owner-publisher of Ouachita Life in Arkansas. John called me because Jenny Carlisle was at his house, interviewing him about the island of Guam. (Ms. Carlisle's book TURN, TURN, TURN: THE VIEW FROM A BABY BOOMER'S FRONT PORCH is published by Ouachita Life.) So, when you read Jenny Carlisle's article about NO SURRENDER SOLDIER on her blog tour, the setting info and photos are from her publisher, and my old friend, John Archibald.


Ms. Carlisle is right in doing a blog about Guam, the setting of my historical novel. Readers say it transports them to the lush tropical island, and to the time period of 1972 in an Old World Catholic society. Many military veterans who have read NO SURRENDER SOLDIER tell me that reading my book took them back to the Guam they knew.




My family and I loved Guam. My children attended middle and high school there. I could tell you so many wonderful stories. But I already have in my novel. When I wrote about the tourist shop at Tumon by the beach and ocean. When I wrote about the Talafofo boonies (jungle) with banyan and tangantangan trees, the river, waterfalls, and caves where Tatan gathered fruit bats to eat. When I wrote about fiestas, and Catholic celebrations, and school, and Guam Memorial Hospital, I took you to many places on the island and introduced you to strong loving families who live there.  (Reviewers also said they salivated over the food in the book. One Romance author even asked for two recipes for a Romance authors' cookbook.)  So, I hope you'll hop on over to Jenny Carlisle's blog and check out her book tour featuring the setting in NO SURRENDER SOLDIER.


While there, comment and win a chance for a free signed hardback copy of NO SURRENDER SOLDIER.   

Jenny Carlisle Blog Book Tour


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