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Teacher resources free! For discussion/activity sheet, quiz, test, and keys, send your name, school district, city, state and zip code. I will e-mail you a folder with resources.


* former instructor for Institute of Children’s Literature, a college-accredited long-distance program that teaches adults how to write for children.

* taught grades sixth through twelve, mostly English and journalism at schools in Florida and Texas.

* worked at newspapers as a reporter, photojournalist, and foreign correspondent covering the West Pacific for Gannett. A former editor and copy editor for the San Antonio Express-News.

* presented programs at schools in Florida, Guam, Hawaii, and Texas. Keynote speaker at an International Christian Women's Conference in Japan.

* guest lecturer on writing topics at universities in Hawaii and Texas, bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, and for writers' guilds and groups such as Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

* studied writing, literature and journalism at six universities, including graduate studies.

For adult writing seminars and workshops, the craft of writing tailored for any level, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Program Descriptions for schools:

WWII history in Pacific, especially Guam and Philippines; survivalist WWII Japanese soldier who hid on Guam; historical and cultural background of NO SURRENDER SOLDIER.

Elements of a short story –Students will learn what makes a successful story arc. They will learn to begin at the point of impact, give a main character a problem/goal, increase conflict and escalate obstacles, resolve and end the story.

Research, with the emphasis on primary sources – Like a professional investigator, students will learn how to research, interview, and tap into primary sources. I will show examples from my novel and/or NF books about Turkey and refugees, and as an investigative education and political reporter.

Careers in writing (or how to make a living in the arts) – Opportunities abound for professional writers, and I’ve probably done most of those jobs – reporter, author, freelancer, PR, marketing. Students will discover how they, too, can begin to gather experience and “clips.”

Poetry – Introduces students to different meters, a variety of poetry, and how to write poems. Interactive.

Schedule: Presentations are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long for grades 5-adults. Workshops, 2 hrs.

Honorarium: 50-mile radius from Granbury, TX. Others, travel expenses added.

$50 for 30-minute author video-chat via Google+. Hangout
$100 for 30-minute author chat in classroom.
$250 for 1 program.
$700 for 2 programs or 1 workshop. (Workshops allow more time for hands-on activities.)
$900 for 3 programs or 2 workshops.


* in-depth critique
* line editing (Chicago Manual of Style)
* suggested plan for revisions

E-mail with a short summary of your project. I'll determine if I'm interested or available. In some cases, if I need to see the project to determine if I'll take it on, there may be a one-time non-refundable $30 assessment fee. If I take on this project after the assessment, the $30 will be applied to my overall fee.

I prefer to discuss rates privately by e-mail. Post message in boxes below.

I worked as an editor and copy editor for the San Antonio Express-News, a major Hearst daily. I have a journalism degree, including editing courses, from the University of Hawaii. I've worked as a professional writer and published author since 1982.