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Music Performance: Vocals & Band

Glee Club Series -- how to start a music group in school

Glee Club Series Music Performance: Vocals & Band Rosen Publishing Hardback and paperback Aug. 1, 2012

Series Review: Glee Club
"Kids ... will find an abundance of extremely practical, step-by-step advice about starting and running a singing group in this set. The tone is enthusiastic and humorous even in discussions of the sometimes-frustrating processes involved with finding funding, equipment, and practice space. Sidebar information about famous show choir alumnae and statistics regarding the positive effects of music participation will help kids make the case for glee clubs to skeptical adults. Readers are encouraged to be resourceful in finding low-cost alternatives to expensive costumes, sets, and music, starting with the ideas in these pages. Best of all, the creativity and energy of readers are respected and encouraged."
—School Library Journal