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Science Workbooks by Compass Publishing


READING FUTURE CONNECT 1 by Christine Kohler, Susan Ludwig


READING FUTURE CONNECT 2 by Christine Kohler, Nancy Furstinger, Kelli Riputti


READING FUTURE CONNECT 3 by Christine Kohler, Nancy Furstinger, Susan Ludwig, Kelli Riputti


Penguin Random House /Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster/ Merit Press/ Adams Media 


A young man. An old soldier. A terrible injustice. But should the punishment be death?

For a Better Life

Refugees: Hear their voices. Read about children who lived through wars, and sought safe homes. They moved to a new country for a better life.

Harcourt, 2003; Houghton Mifflin, 2009. ISBN 0-7398-7508-6

Music Performance: Vocals & Band

Rosen (2012, paperback 2013)


Glee Club Series -- how to start a music group in school
Hardback and paperback
A Junior Library Guild (JLG) selection

Turkey in the News: Past, Present Future

Enslow, 2006; Rosen 2018

"Students in grades five and up will gain a better understanding of the Middle East after reading these series books . . . Students are able to access up-to-date news on all events through the Report Links listed in the back of the book. This is an especially useful feature in this fast-changing part of the world."
–MultiCultural Review, Winter 2006

English as a Foreign Language Readers published by Compass, a Korean educational publisher

Eight titles I wrote for Compass Publishing as e-books for English as Foreign Language (EFL) readers. Excellent readers for ESL, HI/LO, and early readers.


Igor Stravinsky (NF) -- level 7


Ludwig van Beethovan (NF) -- level 7


A Spelling Star in Los Angeles (fiction) -- level 4


The Firebird of Rio (fiction) -- level 4


The Spanish Doll of Barcelona (fiction) -- level 4


Freedom Rings In Moscow (fiction) -- level 4


Rumpelstiltskin Returns (fractured fairy tale)--level 4


My Computer Does Everything -- level 1

Words Alive! Christian Writers' Skills & Prompts

Christian Writers’ Skills & Prompts contains fifty-two lessons.
Available on Kindle for $5.99.

Take It Outside!

Gryphon House 2012

Outdoor activities for ages 3-6. "Dino Dig" is Christine's activity for budding archeologists.

Learn Every Day about Social Studies

Gryphon House, 2011

Each activity features: learning objectives, vocabulary, related children's books, material, directions, assessment; *"Fire Truck" and "Leis" are Christine's activities.

Learn Every Day About Our Green Earth

Gryphon House, 2010

Each activity features: learning objectives, vocabulary, related children's books, material, directions, assessment; *"Block Compost" is Christine's activity



Zondervan & Biblevision 

Growing Up Christian Series

Concordia Publishing House; Illustrator Keith Neely

Jesus Makes Me Well, ISBN 0-570-04113-9
I Help the Handicapped, ISBN 0-570-04114-7
Help Me; I’m Lost, ISBN 0-570-04115-5
My Friend Is Moving, ISBN 0-570-04116-3