Christine Kohler

Children's Book Author, Editor, Writing Instructor

Words Alive! Christian Writers' Skills & Prompts

David wrote in Psalm 45:1 “…my tongue is the pen of a skilled writer.” That is what you will do when you use Christian Writers’ Skills & Prompts, tap into our creative source. After all, we are made in the image of God and so he has put into us the ability to create.

Writer prompts take away the excuse of not knowing what to write about, often called writer’s block. Writer prompts are not designed to take the creativity out of writing, but rather to prompt you to come up with your own original ideas and how you express yourself.

At the same time, this book is designed to teach writing skills. You will learn and practice writing from different point of views, how to express emotions in writing, what makes a tragic hero, how to write a scene in dialogue, plus much, much more.

Combined with learning writing skills, and tapping into creative ideas, you will also be doing Bible studies because this book uses the Word as our source of knowledge, understanding, and inspiration.

CHRISTIAN WRITERS' SKILLS & PROMPTS contains fifty-two lessons, one for each week of the year. I hope some of these prompts lead you to later develop into longer works, perhaps short stories you will sell to magazines, or devotionals, or develop into Sunday School lessons, so a larger audience may benefit from your writing. Or perhaps one of these prompts may lead to the kernel of a book. Whatever you do with these prompts, have fun and enjoy the process. I know I had fun writing them.

Blessings, Christine Kohler

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ISBN: 9781719952477

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